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Sahara Mountain Bike

Have you ever asked yourself crossing the Eastern Sahara desert of Morocco on a mountain bike? Are you looking forwards to train for MTB races? Would you like to experience an active holiday? Our team has all set for you to start your adventure.

Touda Tours team have the honor to provide detailed itineraries for mountain bikers to give them the chance to explore the beauty of Sahara desert. All our MTB activities take place and finish in the desert. We do provide as well logistic assistance for those with intention to train and get ready for International MTB races.
For those, we will provide you with detailed itineraries crossing the sand dunes, Flat areas, rocky ways, Fech-fech... Your training is held by professional guides who selected special itineraries to test your ability to stand the hardship of the Sahara desert while crossing the famous track the old Paris-Dakar Rallye that link between Merzouga town and Zagora.
Touda Tours is luxury travel service which tries to include all what is adventurous to renew your energies and live moments the will bring you unforgettable memories.